Carpeting is a classic choice for homeowners, but like all flooring materials, it comes with some unique pitfalls, or, should we say, footfalls!

That’s right, certain varieties of carpet are known to hang onto your footprints and to show signs of other friction: a phenomenon called tracking. Although these marks are temporary and can easily be vacuumed away, some homeowners might want to opt for a carpet variety that eliminates the footprint issue altogether. Keep reading to learn more, from the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands.

carpet flooring the woodlands txYour Footprints Are Showing!

The number one offender when it comes to visible footprints is a plush, Saxony style carpet. This type of carpet has long strands of uniform height, and the fibers of each strand are twisted in the same direction. Because Saxony carpets are also very densely packed, the plush carpet strands stand straight up and the result is an incredibly smooth and flawless surface.

When left alone, a plush carpet is serene and elegant looking, but, if you disturb the smooth surface of the carpet, you will push down some of the strands, causing these sections of carpet to reflect light differently and appear darker than the whole.

Cover Your Tracks

The best way to prevent footprints and other tracking marks from making their mark on your flooring is to get ahead of the problem by picking the right carpet for the job.

Carpets that don’t show footprints will have a varied strand texture, or, they’ll be a closed-loop style. Here are a few options:

  • Textured Saxony Carpet – This type of carpet is specifically designed to reduce the look of tracking while retaining that Saxony style. It’s basically a classic Saxony, except that the fibers of different strands are twisted in opposite directions, which helps bounce the light in different directions and lessen the appearance of tracking.
  • Berber Carpet – Berber is a closed-loop carpet style. This means that carpet loops have not been cut open to create strands. The tight loops of a Berber carpet don’t budge at all, which prevents the denting and tracking that you’ll experience with a Saxony carpet.
  • Frieze Carpet – Frieze carpets are a cut-loop style, but the strands are tightly twisted in variable directions. The frieze style is far less dense when compared to Saxony, which means that the carpet strands don’t stand up straight, but lie flat in an inconsistent pattern. Both of these factors help disperse the light and prevent the appearance of tracking and footprints

Get the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

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