At Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands, we know that hardwood and water don’t mix, and savvy homeowners in The Woodlands typically steer clear of hardwood flooring in their bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms. The real question is this: can hardwood work in a semi-damp area like the kitchen? Keep reading to find out.

hardwood flooring kitchen the woodlandsKitchen Confidential

The kitchen is a high-traffic hub where spills are very prevalent. Sloshed pasta sauce, faucet overspray, spilled juice: your kitchen flooring needs to stand up to all these and more. The good news for hardwood is that these kinds of stains can be mopped up quickly, and that means a lot for the longevity of hardwood.

To sum it up, there is moisture in any kitchen but there isn’t typically standing or pooling water, and the latter is a much bigger threat to your floors. Speedy cleanup of spills is a simple thing that really makes all the difference when it comes to hardwood in the kitchen.

kitchen hardwood the woodlandsTry Pre-Finished Hardwood

To get the most stain and moisture protection for your kitchen, consider a site-finished hardwood floor. For this type of flooring, the “raw hardwood” planks are installed and then finished right in your home with a protective coating.

The benefit of this, especially for moisture protection, is that the entire installation is sealed with a continuous covering. The result: no exposed seams between planks to let in water and degrade the floor!

oak hardwood flooring kitchen the woodlandsThe Benefits of Hardwood

Kitchens are high-traffic areas and hardwood is a good option for heavily traveled rooms because the surface of the floor can be sanded down periodically to erase common signs of foot-traffic as they occur over time.

Hardwood also has the benefit of being a rich and homey design choice that adds warmth to any room. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with hardwood, your flooring design will match that sentiment exactly!

Get Hardwood Flooring

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