Cork floors are a popular choice for homeowners in The Woodlands, Texas. At Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands we recommend cork flooring because it’s an attractive and eco-friendly flooring option that resembles certain hardwood varieties while also bringing many unique qualities to the table.

With so many local homeowners choosing cork for flooring projects, the team here thought we’d put together a guide to maintaining cork floors! Keep reading to get the most value out of your cork flooring.

Start With a Finish

cork flooring the woodlands txAs a raw material, cork is naturally very absorbent, so to prevent damage from spills and water, cork flooring must be properly sealed from the time that it is installed.

Most cork tiles and planks come from the manufacturer with a sealant applied, but another layer is often added post installation. The purpose of the second layer is to seal the cracks between flooring pieces and prevent moisture from penetrating.

A polyurethane finish will last 5 to7 years before a reapplication is needed. Poly coating is great because it offers extreme protection from water and stains. One downside is that the poly finish can’t be sanded down to buff out scuffs and scratches.

Another option is a wax finish. The wax acts as a protective layer shielding your cork from stains and scratching. One great benefit of wax is that it adds a lot of shine, making your floors look fancier. Wax needs to be refreshed about once a year, which allows scratches and scuffs to be dealt with. But wax can be a bit high-maintenance for some homeowners because it also needs to be completely stripped and reapplied after several years.

cork flooring in the kitchenBasic Maintenance

To keep your cork floor looking great, vacuum or sweep it once a week. This will remove debris that can scratch and wear down the sealant on your floors.

Once a month, damp mop your floors using a bit of water with a PH balanced wood or cork cleaner. Don’t let excess moisture sit on your cork floors and buff with a dry towel after mopping if there is any standing liquid.

If you follow these simple steps, your cork floor will shine!

Get Cork Floor For Your Home

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Photo by Artazum, Joe Ferrer