Tile flooring is the top choice for kitchens and bathrooms in The Woodlands, Texas. Of course, tile flooring is an exceptionally broad category including many colors, tile sizes and materials. The right tile choice for your bathroom will probably not be the same tile type that is right for your kitchen.

Keep reading to discover the dos and don’ts of kitchen flooring tile, and you’re guaranteed to ace that classic “kitchen style” for your local home. The team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands has gathered all the info for you, right here.

kitchen tile flooring the woodlandsTry a Larger Tile Size

Smaller, mosaic size tiles are a quintessential, almost vintage look that you often see in bathrooms. Kitchen tile, on the other hand, looks best when larger tiles are used. Visually, these larger, slab-like tiles will open up your space making the kitchen look much larger than it actually is.

On the practical side of things, fewer tiles mean fewer grout lines which is a big blessing for kitchen floors that are prone to staining from spilt food and drink. Anyone who has every cleaned stained grout on their hands and knees knows how important this is!

kitchen floors the woodlands txChoose Your Color Wisely

For bathrooms, white colored and lighter-hued tiles are the most common choice, projecting a sense of cleanliness and order. In the kitchen, these light tones have the opposite impact, because they do nothing to hide dirt and staining from foot traffic and kitchen spills.

Kitchen tile looks best in warm earthy tones, which will hide the telltale signs of kitchen messes. These earth tones (warm grays, brown hues, and terracotta reds) also lend a sense of hominess and natural beauty that are perfect for the relaxed and functional vibe of most kitchens.

Material and Finish

Great materials for kitchen floors include vinyl, laminate, and ceramic. Vinyl and laminate are cost-effective, stand up well to water, and offer endless style options. Ceramic tiles are the hardest of the bunch, which is great for durability, but can be very uncomfortable to stand on if you’re cooking for long periods of time. That said, this natural tile option is sturdy and come in a multitude of beautiful looks.

When it comes to the finish for your kitchen tile, be wary of glossy, high-shine options. Again, this look is common in bathrooms where it projects that all-important sense of cleanliness. But in the kitchen, a glossy look feels too antiseptic when it’s just been cleaned, and even worse, highlight that mid-week layer of kitchen grime when it hasn’t.

For the kitchen, try a matte finish that will blend in with the down-to-earth feel of your kitchen, while also hiding some signs of dirt and staining.

Plan Your Perfect Kitchen Flooring

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Photos by Ron Zmiri, ShortPhotos