When picking hardwood for your home in The Woodlands, you’ll face the decision of prefinished or site-finished flooring. Which one is ideal for your home? Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands is happy to guide you through the benefits of each type of hardwood flooring installation.

What’s The Difference?

Prefinished hardwood is finished before it ever reaches your home. It’s been sanded, stained, and coated to prevent scratching and water damage. On the other hand, site-finished hardwood is installed as unfinished planks and then finished on-site.

unfinished hardwood flooring

Benefits of Site-Finished Flooring


Site-finished hardwood flooring allows you to achieve ideal uniformity and quality. You also have more control over the exact appearance of your flooring.


If you’re looking to match new hardwood to pre-existing hardwood in your home, site-finished flooring is ideal. Finishing hardwood on-site means that each plank is guaranteed to be uniform in color, style, and texture. There will also be no obvious grooves between planks.


You have the freedom to choose the exact finish you’d like when you site-finish your flooring. If you have a particular idea about the color and style of your floors, site-finished can help you achieve your vision. You also have more freedom in the species of wood you choose, as many exotic or uncommon woods are difficult to find pre-finished.

Benefits of Prefinished Hardwoodfinished hardwood flooring


The main benefit of prefinished flooring is convenience. As soon as they’re installed, prefinished floors are ready to be used. With site-finished flooring, it can take days to months before your floors can safely be walked on or decorated. Furniture must be cleared from the room and care should be taken when walking on the floors.


Site-finished floors involve chemical finishes and seals, which can linger in your home. With prefinished flooring, all chemicals used in the finishing process have dried down, which minimizes the amount of chemicals released into the air.

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