Parents in The Woodlands, TX are always looking to go the extra mile for their kids. Creating the perfect bedroom or playroom for your youngsters is a fabulous gift to give, but what exactly should you consider when installing new flooring in these kid-centric rooms? The team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands has a few bright ideas for families just like yours.

carpet in childrens room the woodlands txSoft and Safe

For kids, time spent on the floor is time well-spent. Children choose the floor when they’re horsing around, carefully constructing mini-universes for their toys, or just daydreaming. Whatever the case, help your kids get comfortable as they play and explore by installing soft flooring for them.

The classic choice for softer floors is carpet, but other soft options include cork floors and laminate flooring (with a cushioned underlay, of course).

Fall Prevention

From learning to crawl to playing energetic games of make-believe, kids are all over the place! Unfortunately, their motor skills, and later on, risk-management skills, aren’t the best. So when it comes to flooring, look for options with extra traction to minimize slips and falls. For fall-prevention and safety, consider a soft but highly textured carpet like frieze, and avoid hard, slippery options such as wood, stone, or ceramic.

hardwood flooring playroom the woodlands txDamage Control

Any parent will tell you that kids are messy, which means that it’s a great idea to choose an easy-clean flooring option that resists staining. If you install low-maintenance laminate, we guarantee that you’ll never panic about a spill again!

If you still have your heart set on carpet, try a low-pile (non-fluffy) polyester option that is pre-treated to prevent spills from setting in. To maximize durability while maintaining stain-resistance, try a nylon and polyester blend. Nylon carpet fibers are a hair stronger than their polyester counterparts, giving your carpet the extra strength it needs to stand up to high-energy play.

Add a Dash of Fun

The great thing about decorating a room for children is that you don’t have to worry about adult design questions such as “what the heck is mid-century modern” and “is there really a difference between ecru and eggshell.”

If you’re installing flooring in a child’s bedroom or playroom, use the opportunity to indulge in the whimsical side of design with a bright color scheme. Carpet comes in an endless range of colors, and luxury vinyl flooring also comes in an amazing array of bright colors and fun patterns.

patterned carpet kids room the woodlands txGreat Parents Plan Ahead

Childhood doesn’t last forever, and as your kids become teens and eventually move away, the nature of their old rooms may change. Based on this inevitable fact, you might want to strike a compromise between kid-centric flooring and that peaceful guestroom or quiet study of the future.

One great idea is to install classic hardwood and cover it up with a very large area rug. You can choose a wacky color like turquoise for your carpet and let the kids run around like crazy on it. The carpet will protect the underlying floor and after 18 years, you can roll it up and enjoy your beautiful hardwood!

Your Perfect Floors are Waiting

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Photos by, Olesia Bilkei