Magnolia CarpetIt’s no surprise that carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices in the greater Magnolia, TX area. Carpet is affordable, available in a wide variety of looks, and soft! Berber is a popular carpet style because it is more durable than the average carpet and works well in businesses or homes with high volumes of foot traffic. Read below to learn all about Berber carpet from the experts at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands!

About Berber Carpet

Berber is a style of carpet weave that takes its name from the Berber people who have lived in various parts of North Africa. They hand-wove carpets in this style for many generations. Today, these carpets are a loop pile carpet made by machines that usually have a low pile height.

Pros of Berber Carpet

  • Affordable: Berber is an easier carpet style to manufacture, making it one of the cheaper options available.
  • Durable: Due to its low pile height and loop construction, it holds up well to wear and tear.
  • Easy to Maintain: The dense weave pattern makes this carpet style more resistant to dirt and staining. Just vacuum 1-2 times per week and clean up any spills as they happen!
  • Many Styles: Berber is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to pick from.

A Few Things to Consider

The durability and cost of Berber carpet does vary depending on the carpet fiber chosen. Wool, for example, is incredibly durable in a Berber style but will cost more than Nylon. While Berber is durable, it’s important to try and avoid pulling on the loops because this can cause it to unravel. If you have pets, make sure to keep their nails trimmed so that this doesn’t happen.

The experts at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands will go over all these details and more during your free in-home design consultation where we bring the samples right to your door. We proudly serve the greater The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Conroe, and Tomball areas!

Photo Credit: Bill Kennedy