Carpeting is a wonderful option for comfortable and easy to clean flooring. Saxony carpet is one of the easiest carpet types to maintain for a few different reasons. For those in the Woodlands, TX area, Saxony carpet is a great option that is not going to hold on to grime and dirt that may be tracked in. Get the whole story on Saxony with this handy guide from the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands.

Introducing Saxony Carpet

Saxony carpet is the classic, low-pile carpet style. It has short, dense and uniform style. Its fibers are cut-loop, meaning they stand up straight (although it’s hard to tell because they are so short). Saxony is typically soft and the best options are made of high-quality fibers, such as 100% nylon.

saxony carpet the woodlands txBenefits of Saxony Carpet

Since Saxony has shorter fibers, it is typically much easier to clean compared to other carpet options that can hide and trap dirt. Saxony carpet can even be coated with stain resistant spray that can help to deflect dirt and grime as well as liquid messes that you may come in contact with. This is going to help you to get the best results without having to worry about the overall look of your carpet being ruined by dirt and stains.

Since Saxony doesn’t have a lot of height, you don’t have to worry as much about the surface looking notably worn down over time. This means that Saxony carpet is great for living rooms, entryways, and even playrooms where you want the comfort of carpet without having to worry so much about the negative effects of foot-traffic.

This type of flooring is going to give you comfort and style without a huge amount of maintenance. You can also find Saxony carpet in nearly every color you can imagine. Since it is nylon, it is easily dyed and you can find any color to suit your home.

saxony carpet living room in the woodlandsSome Considerations

Saxony is a safe flooring option, but for some homeowners, it can be a little boring. To be sure, Saxony doesn’t have the visual interest of the more textured carpet styles, like a frieze or even Berber carpet. But Saxony does have the benefit of being a blank canvas. It definitely won’t conflict with any decor of design scheme that you may have going on in your local home.

Your Saxony Carpet

Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands can help you to find the perfect Saxony carpet for your needs without your having to search high and low for the perfect carpet. Contact our friendly team for a free, in-home design consultation! 

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