Bright, natural, and never overwhelming, ash hardwood marries country charm to minimalist design. At Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands, we’ve noticed that Ash hardwood is a popular flooring choice with homeowners in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Conroe, and Tomball areas. Keep reading to discover what makes this hardwood a local flooring star.

ash hardwood flooring the woodlands txIntroducing Ash Hardwood

With ash hardwood, it’s all about healthy mediums. Ash falls at the center of the Janka scale (a metric used to measure the hardness of wood), and its color is medium-gold to light in tone. Ash hardwood also has a subtle grain pattern, which adds just the right dose of rustic spirit to any room.

ash hardwood planks the woodlands txBenefits of Ash Hardwood

Ash hardwood is often compared to oak, and for good reason. Both offer durability while remaining comfortable underfoot. Both can be refinished many times over, increasing the lifespan of your floor.

All similarities aside, there are two key areas where ash outshines oak. The first is elasticity. Not only is ash hardwood durable, it’s also exceptionally springy. This makes it a popular choice for tool handles and baseball bats. Where home improvement is concerned, springy ash is perfect for building stairways, from the treads (steps) to the volutes (curled sections of the handrail).

Finally, ash hardwood has a more graceful and refined grain when compared to oak. Oak hardwood combines a dense grain with knot patterning and oil staining. On the other hand, ash has a looser pattern of graining without any extra visual clutter. Ash is perfect for homeowners who want a dash of natural warmth without committing to a totally rustic look.

ash hardwood kitchen the woodlands txThe Price of Ash

In the past, ash hardwood was less expensive than oak. In fact, inexpensive ash was often stained to closely mimic the popular look of oak hardwood. This practice fell out of favor in the late 90s as the North American ash population was threatened by an invasive species of beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer.

This turn of fate increased the rarity of ash trees, which drove up the price of ash hardwood until it was equivalent to that of oak. Ash may no longer be a cost-conscious alternative to oak, but over the years, changing design trends have made ash a style-star in its own right, as ash is a better fit for modern, minimalist homes.

Get Ash Hardwood Floors

If ash hardwood flooring sounds right for your home, call the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands and schedule your free in-home design consultation today! We bring the flooring possibilities to you with our mobile showroom.

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