It’s easy to confuse linoleum flooring with vinyl, but the two are actually quite different. Linoleum is made from natural materials, and it is environmentally friendly. Keep reading to discover the benefits of linoleum flooring; the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands is here to help you decide if this is the right flooring choice for your home.

linoleum flooring samples the woodlandsIntroducing Linoleum

Linoleum flooring has been produced for the past 150 years. Modern homeowners in The Woodlands can find a selection of linoleum products made from a variety of natural substances. These include pulverized wood, cork powder, crushed stone, and linseed oil. Linoleum is environmentally friendly because it is made from natural substances and can be easily recycled.

Benefits of Linoleum

linoleum flooring the woodlandsLinoleum flooring is a durable and long-lasting choice for your local home. It comes in a number of colors and styles, with some varieties faithfully recalling the look of hardwood or marble.

With linoleum flooring, homeowners in The Woodlands have tons of options for decorating! Pro-tip: choose wood-look or stone-look linoleum and save tons of money while enjoying the visual benefits of these more expensive flooring options.

Your linoleum flooring is highly water-resistant, making it great for kitchens, linoleum flooring kitchen the woodlandsbut it is not waterproof, making it unsuitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Linoleum floors are a breeze to clean: sweep away debris and finish with a damp (not wet!) mop.

Linoleum is an ideal flooring choice for mudrooms and entryways, as it is tough enough to withstand heavy foot-traffic, energetic kids, and rowdy pets.

Some Considerations

The surface appearance of linoleum actually extends all the way through the material (instead of being printed on the top) and this will keep the design from rubbing away if scratched or dented. You may, however, need to refinish the floor or rebuff the surface if it is ever damaged.

If your flooring does not come with a factory finish, it will need to be waxed every two to three years, or it could develop a yellowish tinge known as ambering. Though it is not necessary to polish your linoleum floors, they will last longer and look better if you decide to do this periodically.

Although linoleum is great for busy households with kids running around, it can get slippery if dampened by mud or minor spills.

Linoleum Flooring in The Woodlands

If linoleum flooring sounds right for your home, contact the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands and schedule your free in-home design consultation today! We bring the flooring possibilities to you with our mobile showroom. Proudly serving families in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, Conroe, and Tomball.

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