Classic-looking ceramic tile is a durable and beautiful option for your bathroom, but did you know that this same material is increasingly being designed to look like real hardwood? Wood-look ceramic is a fantastic hardwood alternative that is being installed in homes just like yours. Keep reading to get all the details from the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands.

wood look tile in bathroom the woodlands texasIntroducing Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look tile is made from high-quality ceramics like porcelain, but these tiles aren’t your average flooring squares. They are rectangular pieces of ceramic that have been manufactured to faithfully recreate the look of hardwood. In most cases, a textured glaze has also been applied to increase realism and to prevent slipping.

Wood-look tiles are typically installed in an offset pattern, just like real wood planks, and a dark grout is generally used to mimic the slim seams that occur between real hardwood flooring planks.

Benefits of Wood-Look Tile

Wood-look ceramic tile is beautiful and durable. It offers the coveted look of hardwood, with the added bonus of water-resistance. Ceramic tile is a great way to bring the style of hardwood into damp and wet rooms where true hardwood would be an unwise choice due to its water sensitivity. Consider wood-look tile for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

wood look tile in living room the woodlands texasCaring for Your Floors

Sweep your wood-look tile floors regularly and clean with a damp rag or chamois mop. Make sure to use a simple, PH balanced cleaning product. It’s really as easy as that! One of the awesome things about wood-look ceramic tile is that grout discoloration is not typically an issue. This is because a dark colored grout is generally used during installation—a huge boon for home maintenance.

Some Considerations

People are always referring to the “warmth of hardwood,” which is more about style than the actual temperature. But one downside to ceramic is that it tends to be cold underfoot.

In spaces where people walk around barefoot, it can be jarring to see a floor that looks like hardwood but feels like ice. This isn’t a problem for functional rooms like kitchens, but for bedrooms and family rooms, where people are letting their hair down and kicking off their shoes, try a couple of strategically placed area rugs to bring back a touch of softness and warmth.

Get Wood-Look Tile Flooring

Contact the team at Floor Coverings International of The Woodlands to get started on your wood-look flooring journey. We will see your project through, from initial design to final sweep-up.

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